How To Install a Gravity Septic System


There are a number of different septic systems, but among the most common are gravity septic systems. These are common because their benefits include affordability and ease of service. With gravity septic systems, the natural force of gravity is used to guide wastewater to its final destination.

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One factor that can be frustrating is that they are prone to shifts from the Earth. When the ground changes, there could be an issue with the septic system. That is a rare complication most common in earthquake-prone areas, but it can happen.

Watch here as Simple Ground walks you through a gravity septic system installation and the components involved. He takes you through the steps of the process, and where you are likely to find the most challenges. In his gravity septic system installation, he took the advice of a local contractor and put dry mortar around the box to seal the risers in order to comply with county regulations. In addition to other steps of securing a gravity septic system, Simple Ground also shows how the infiltrator panels can be clicked together very simply without any gravel required at all.