How to Prepare for Selling Your House This Summer


While most people love to sell their property during spring, summer too can be a great time to sell. It is the one time that people have a lot of time off work to move around and shop for homes. Take advantage of this period and make all the necessary improvements for selling your home. To guide you, here are a few tips on how to prepare for selling your house this summer.

Make Sure the HVAC is Working

The downside of selling during summer is the heat that may influence your house’s interest. Ensure the property stays cool for buyers to feel comfortable when they get inside. This is an important tip on how to prepare for selling a house. Before you put the house on the market, do some maintenance checks first, ensuring heating and air conditioning system is working perfectly. Start by removing dirt and debris from the external unit as the leaves and dirt can hinder a smooth airflow. You should also check and clean the fins too which is not hard. Grab a water hose and spray the fins from inside the unit. Be careful with the pressure you apply as you do not want to damage the fins.

Your vents will also need some vacuuming. If left unattended, dirt and dust tend to accumulate, blocking airflow. If you have not replaced your air filters recently, then now is the time. Air filters need replacement every 30 to 90 days. Ideally, in a house with pets and multiple people, the filters should be changed every 30 days. Clogged filters not only cause your bills to go up but may also ruin the HVAC system.

Invest in Gas Line Maintenance

Due to its delicate nature, when it comes to gas line repairs and maintenance, the best solution is to call professionals to handle that. The first sign that your gas is leaking is the smell. The good thing is that natural gas has a distinct smell that you cannot miss easily. Go further and inspect the area around the gas line. Leaking gas produces a hissing sound but if you cannot hear it, continue with the inspection.

If you notice extra condensation on the windows near a gas line or any vegetation near the gas line dying, then you may be able to detect where the leak is coming from. For older homes, the gas line can easily corrode, especially at joints in the lines, requiring replacement. A rise in your gas utility bill that you cannot explain may be a sign that the gas is leaking, requiring an inspection. For safety purposes, it is best to turn off the gas line and call a professional immediately. You do not want to make the mistake of mishandling the pipes and ending up with bigger damage or even an explosion.

Keep Curb Appeal in Mind

Another way on how to prepare for selling your house is by creating a great first impression. How does your lawn look like? Is the grass well maintained? Does the exterior of your home need a paint job? These are part of the things that you should look at before selling the house. Start by repainting your home’s exterior. Color is very personal, and what may be your ideal color for a house may not be appealing to a buyer. You can borrow ideas from the landscape of your home. If the house is surrounded by nature, go for earthly shades of brown and green. If you live near a beach, some shades of blues and turquoise will do the trick. Invest in landscape lighting, which will make your house look appealing and inviting even at night.

Light the pathway, entries, driveway, steps, decks, and patios. You can always talk to a landscaper about what type of lighting is great for each of those areas. You will also want to invest in some plants and flowers. Look for flowers that bloom all summer to add some color to your home’s exterior. If your fence is not in good shape, invest in fence repair. If it is old and worn out, consider replacing it.

Make Necessary Appliance Repairs

Ensuring that your appliances are in good condition is also another way on how to prepare for selling your house. Typically, appliances are the focal point of any kitchen. They bring the wow factor that may compel a buyer to make an offer. If the appliance is a bit old but still works effectively, then you can keep it. However, for old appliances that keep breaking down, that is a different story.

Older appliances tend to consume more energy than new ones. If you find a buyer who is keen on utility bills, they will not be impressed by outdated appliances. You may also consider getting a new appliance if repairing is costly. If the cost of dishwasher repairs is more than half its value, it is smart to invest in a new one. The same applies to all your appliances. Buyers focus on the quality of the appliances, the features, energy efficiency, and for some, the brand. However, you also have to factor in the cost. You do not want to spend lots of money buying appliances for a home you are selling. Any repair that leaves the appliance as good as new is good -any appliance in your home whereby you have been calling a technician for repairs every few months is probably old and needs replacing.

Invest in Roof Maintenance

Your roof is one of the most noticeable features that buyers see when they come to view your house. Therefore, as you consider ways on how to prepare for selling your house, include the roof in your plans. Roofs have a lifespan of about 25-30 years, depending on how you maintain them. You can either inspect the roof or call a roofing contractor for a professional inspection. Minor repairs like a leak, a crack, or a missing shingle can easily be repaired. However, the cost of repairing will vary depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the roof, and the materials used. You can be sure that a potential buyer will tour your home accessing the condition of the roof, whether it is leaking, sagging, or missing shingles.

Some damages might scare away other buyers. Some sellers opt not to repair a roof but offer an allowance to buyers for them to handle repairs. Choosing this option may be tricky because there are buyers who do not want to deal with the hustle. Some may immediately get turned off by a damaged roof even if the inside is appealing. Even if your roof is in great shape, you should clean it, remove all dirt and leaves to make it more attractive.

Keep Home Fixtures Well-Maintained

Home fixtures are prone to breaking down often, especially if used for a long time. Therefore, as you think about how to prepare for selling your house this summer, ensure that all home fixtures work efficiently and look good. If you gave ceiling fans, ensure they are working properly. In summer, the ceiling fan should be set to rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down. Most ceiling fans can change the rotation direction using a simple switch which makes it easy to operate. Also, ensure that the curtain rods, blinds, and shades work well. A buyer may not want to deal with replacing curtain rods or getting new blinds for their window.

You may also want to ensure that smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are working well. Have a technician inspect them to ensure they are still effective. If the home has built-in shelving, check whether they are firmly attached to the wall. If you notice loose screws or weak shelves, have them tightened or replaced. An above ground pool can be appealing to buyers, but only if it is clean and in good shape. Use a skimmer or an above-ground pool vacuum to remove any dirt. Other essential fixtures you should ensure are working well are lighting fixtures and doorbells.

Have the Entire Place Cleaned

Cleaning the entire house is also one of the ways on how to prepare for selling your house. First impressions are important, and you do not want to turn off a potential buyer through dirty and dusty floors or foul smells. Before listing the house, give the house a deep clean. To make it easier to clean the house, it is best first to declutter. For starters, if the house is crowded with your personal items, the buyer might feel the house is too small for them. Remove all clutter from the whole house, including the basement, garage, and attic. There are rooms that potential buyers focus on, like the living room, kitchen, dining, and bathrooms, and that is where you should be keen on.

The kitchen and the bathroom need special attention. Get cleaning products that can help remove food particles stuck on surfaces and any grease, especially in sinks. Clean the walls, countertops, and floors, leaving them spotless. You should also invest in a mild air freshener that keeps the house smelling good. Do not forget to wash the windows, the carpets, and the drapes. Mold and mildew can be problematic, especially in damp areas. Inspect the house for the presence of mold as it can have harmful health effects. Cleaning takes a lot of work, and it is better to hire cleaning service experts instead of doing it yourself.

Make Sure the Plumbing is Working

Something else you need to consider as you think of how to prepare for selling your house is ensuring the plumbing system is in great shape. Small leaks can go undetected, especially in hidden places like behind walls and under floorboards. Eventually, it leads to severe problems like the growth of mold and mildew, which is harmful to your health. Inspect all the areas covered by the plumbing system, ensuring that there is no leak. The next thing to check is leaking toilets and dripping faucets. These ones are easy to fix, and you can also notice the damage very fast. Also, fixing them helps you save on water bills.

The sink and bathroom drain get clogged from time to time due to soap and oil residue. If left unattended, they can block your draining system leading to overflowing bathtubs and sinks. This is a messy problem that you do not want in your hands, especially if potential buyers are about to start viewing your home. Remember also to inspect the exterior plumbing system. Even pipes that transport clean water into your house and the ones removing grey or black water from the house need to be working properly without any leaks. Get plumbing services to fix any repairs around the house.

Make Little Repairs Count

There are little repairs that you should address as you think of how to prepare for selling your house. No seller wants a home with scratched floors, broken windows, or broken light fixtures. Making those repairs ensures that you get a better offer for your home. Broken windows are not exactly a pleasant sight- get someone to replace them if they are broken or cracked. Damaged flooring and outdated carpet make your home feel dull. If you are trying to ensure the house sells, this is one of the things you should address.

Ensure that all cabinet doors open and close well. Light fixtures are also important. They should be working well and in good shape. No naked wire should be left hanging around as it is a safety hazard. Like any other part of your home, your garage door needs repair and maintenance to work effectively. You may have to call a technician for your garage door spring repair if you notice the door is not working properly.

As you look for ways on how to prepare your house for selling, keep in mind that buyers are attracted to houses that are well taken care of. They mentally reduce the maximum offer they had planned on making on your house for every damage they see. Some will decide against the house because they are not interested in making repairs. Therefore, ensure the house is in great shape before you open doors to potential buyers.