An Estate Cleanout is Not Just Junk removal


Estate cleanout companies can make a lot of money. Removing someone’s junk from a property can really ramp up your income. Most people do not realize how much money there is in junk removal in general.

Video Source

Estate cleanout companies really clean up when it comes to making a nice profit for their work.

This video from JunkRemovalMoney takes you onsite to an estate junk removal job. The video talks about a main source of work for an estate cleanout company, and what that work entails. The video pans around two properties to give the viewer an idea of what you may find on this top of job site.

If you are considering starting this type of business in your area, this video can help educate you. After viewing you will have a good idea of where to look for this type of work, how the sites may need to be managed, and how much money you can make off one single job.

Spoiler alert, you will be shocked by how much you can make in one day with this type of business. Watch this video to get started with your own junk removal business and start raking in the cash.