How Do You Choose the Best Siding Company


In this video, Ken Ware from Mosby gives tips on selecting the best siding company.

He suggests that research and referrals are a great way to find a siding company. Ken suggests going online and googling the company you are considering.

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In addition, it would help if you asked your family and friends about the company. He also suggests checking out past projects to see what they can do.

When you interact with a siding company, you want to ensure they have the proper liability insurance to work at your house. Ask if the siding company sub-contracts their workers or if they are company employees. For example, Mosby employs their own craftsman. They do not contract out.

You should understand the design capabilities of the siding company. Are they able to use software to show you want the siding will look like before it is on your home? You want to ask if they will remove the existing siding or cover up the old siding. You also want to understand the warranty and know how long the company has been in business.