Tips For Designing a Custom Metal Garage


The video discusses some effective tips for building a 30 x 30 custom metal garage. The speaker talks not about building one from scratch but building one from a set style.

The first step is to use the computer program to select a build style.

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Examples of some of the styles offered to users are garage, standard, triple-wide, and the like. The user can also choose the installation surface. Examples of installation surfaces are gravel, dirt, asphalt, and concrete. The roof style can be vertical, boxed eave, or regular style. Settings are also available to choose the center storage.

The frame measurement and colors are the next things to change. The individual can customize the roof color as well as the sidewall and gable end wall. Once that’s done, the next step is choosing the siding for the entire unit. The computer program is very easy for a person of any skill level. It gives a clear estimate of how much the project will cost at the bottom of the screen so that users will know how much money they need to come up with. That way, the person can keep a close eye on the budget that he or she set for the project.