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Chimney Cleaning 101


Chimney cleaners are professionals that specialize in keeping your chimney clean and safe. This video teaches you how to clean your own chimney. Chimney cleaners use special tools that you can buy online to DIY your chimney cleaning.

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Creosote is a dangerous substance that builds up in your chimney when you burn wood. Creosote becomes charcoal-like and sticks to the inside of your chimney where it can be a serious fire hazard. It does not take much heat to set the creosote a flame. Every year before the heating season begins chimneys should be thoroughly cleaned of this dangerous substance.

This helpful video tells you what tools you will need to clean your chimney and how to use the tools to ensure your chimney will continue to operate safely. If you are not afraid of getting up on your roof to do the job, you can save a lot of money. This video shows you every step in the process. It is a very easy DIY project that just about any homeowner can do on their own. Watch the video to learn how to clean your chimney and get ready for the heating season.

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