Good Samaritans repair Riverview charity worker roof


In this video, you will see how good people are helping an old woman of charity by doing roof replacement of her house. The rainwater was hampering the charity work so they come forward to do roof replacement.
The rain was damaging the roof and the leakage was reaching her household items.

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Hence, her clothes and food were about to be damaged. Indeed, she was worried because she had to cook free food for the homeless. It is her daily routine to cook food for the homeless and then give it to them for food. She cooks for over a hundred people every week for free. Therefore, she has fewer financial resources to fix her roof or to do roof replacement.
Luckily, local charities know about the seventy year old lady who saw the world war with her eyes and who cook the food daily. So, these charities coordinated with the local roof replacement services and hire them to replace her roof. The laborers spend the whole day replacing and finally manage to replace the roof.
The cost of labor and materials was paid by the charities. However, they are happy that they contributed to the social cause of providing food to the homeless by enabling the old lady to cook food for one day and many more to come by fixing her roof.