Save Money By Installing Your Frameless Glass Shower on Your Own


Making your home or apartment exactly what you want it to be can be challenging. It can also be expensive, but in some cases it is not necessary to use an expert every time you need something done around the house.

Installing frameless glass shower doors yourself is one of those things that you could save money on when doing yourself. If you have basic measuring skills and the ability to follow directions, as seen in the video, ‘SAVE $$$$ — How To INSTALL a FRAMELESS Shower Door,’ this task should be easy.

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The first thing you will need to do is figure out what type of shower doors you will have installed. There are so many different styles available nowadays that it can seem overwhelming. Size is the first thing you need to consider. The size of your shower will also determine what type of door will work best for it.

Frameless glass doors are available in many different types. You can choose the traditional framed look or go frameless, which gives more of a spa feel. Measure your shower to get the measurements you need for ordering glass doors. If you want a more custom look, measure for a wider opening than your actual frame. Allowing just a few inches on either side can make a big difference in getting that frameless look.