Sewer Line Replacement For Beginners


Sewer line replacement is not as difficult as you would think. If you have a shovel, some hand tools, and the proper piping to use, sewer line replacement can be an easy DIY project. This video takes you through the proper process of replacing your sewer line.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to properly place your sewer line and to avoid some of the most common mistakes. The presenter takes you through the process of installing the line and shows you which pipes you should use.

Video Source

He gives you options for installing connectors and converters.

The video reviews what to do when you have to add angles to your piping. This video can be very helpful when you are planning and installing a new sewer line. It provides a great deal of in depth information that anyone can apply to thier septic line replacement project.

If you need to replace part or all of your sewer line and you want to do it as a DIY project, this video is a must watch. Learn everything that you need to know about replacing your sewer line to find success with your project.