What Are the Best Staging Tips for Selling Your Home?


Investing in the best staging tips for selling your home is an essential factor to consider. Staging is all about appealing to the buyers’ sense of sight. The goal is to sell your home quickly and at the highest possible value. Millions of homes are sold yearly, but how can you make yours stand out? Below are some of the best staging tips for selling your home.

Invest in a New Fence

Investing in a new fence is as important as investing in any other staging tip in your home. A fence gives the first impression of what is expected in that home, and buyers will only proceed to the interior if they like what they see outside.

The interest your home will generate on the market depends on its first impression. A well-done fence is one of the best staging tips for selling your home because it adds value to your home.

What are the qualities of a great staging fence?

There are a lot of factors to consider when coming up with an ideal new fence. The most important one is security. Buyers want to feel secure before purchasing the property. A secure fence eliminates potential threats from nosey neighbors, trespassers, and criminals. The recommended height for a secure border is 1.8 meters.

An ideal fence should also provide privacy. Most buyers, if not all, prefer to handle their affairs privately, from hosting guests to spending time with their families.

When planning to replace your fence, especially when selling your home, durability should be on top of the list. Go for a strong fence with a longer life span and minimal maintenance.

Every homeowner wants an appealing fence, one that’s admirable. A good-looking fence improves the overall look and feel of the home.

While it is possible to build the fence yourself, using a professional will help you get the best out of it. You can find a fencing company that can help with precisely what you need for your new fence.

Have the House Professionally Cleaned

A clean house makes it easy for buyers to picture themselves in it. It is also difficult to place the exact value of a spotless home, giving you the chance to ask for a greater reward. To achieve top-notch cleanliness, make use of cleaning companies. A house cleaned professionally has a higher probability of attracting more potential buyers than one cleaned by the owner.

It is because these cleaners are well-trained and equipped with the right gear. They know how to deal with messes that owners miss. Therefore, professional cleaners are important as they leave surfaces, windows, and floors sparkling.

It is also important to declutter, making the interior spacious. Always remember to pack up personal belongings, keeping in mind that the goal is to personalize the home for your prospective buyers while creating an appealing and fresh look.

Have Your Foundation Assessed

A foundation does more than support the house. Proper foundations insulate against cold, resist earth movements, and keep moisture out.

Even though foundations are built to last forever, they are prone to defaults. These defaults can either result from contraction or expansion of the soil due to moisture or undetected soil properties during the initial construction.

It is, therefore, essential to have an evaluation by a foundation repair contractor to determine whether your foundation is defective. Some indicative signs of a defected foundation include:

  • Cracked floors or walls
  • Unlevel floors
  • Unaligned windows and doors

Why is it essential to Assess Your Foundation?

A foundation problem can create a significant negotiating force toward lowering the home’s sale price. It is, therefore, essential to have it assessed before the home viewing by potential buyers.

In case of any defects, this will give you an upper hand in having the necessary repairs done on time to minimize the time spent on the negotiations while maximizing your chances to get the most value for your home.

Replace Your Roof

A replaced roof is considered one of the best staging tips for selling your house because it is a convenient selling point. New roofs bring a sense of safety for potential buyers, protection from leakages during rainy seasons, an old roof that could collapse at any minute, or even a damaged ceiling.

Additionally, replacing your roof transforms the entire appearance of the home, causing an increase in its market value. Its appealing appearance also attracts more prospective buyers.

Why replace your roof before listing your home?

  • A new roof increases the home’s market value.
  • A new roof is more attractive to potential buyers.
  • A new roof gives you peace of mind.

Install New Siding

Investing in a sound vinyl siding installation before putting your home on the market will quickly get you more acceptable offers. In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 99% of the respondents said that the curb appearance of a home is essential to potential buyers.

Evaluate your exterior wall before putting the word out about the sale to assess the damage level. Cracked or broken panels with holes require a new installation. It is advisable to install new siding to the entire home to prevent a clash between the new panels that will look less worn out and the old panels.

Installation of new siding is among the best staging tips for selling your home because apart from an increase in the home’s overall value, removing the old siding allows you to address other issues, such as installing more insulation before installing the new siding. That way, you gain more profit as buyers are always willing to pay more for value.

Siding is the second thing that potential buyers notice after the fence. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the exterior wall treatments are in good shape.

Give Everything a Fresh Coat of Paint

Re-painting the home’s interiors is among the best staging tips for selling your home due to its impact. The clean and neat look that fresh paint gives can increase your home’s market value by an average of 5%, giving it a competitive edge. Its appealing look also brings in a wide range of interested buyers.

Staging is all about personalizing everything for potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint gives the potential buyers a sense of a well-maintained home. Buyers, in most cases, are always looking for a complete home with no immediate work. Re-painting gives them a ready-to-inhabit home.

To have a smooth re-painting transition:

Use an interior painting service. Using painting professionals will guarantee you a fast and well-done job.

Choose the same color paint. Choosing the same color of paint will guarantee you a smooth finish. It will also save on costs since you’ll only need one coat for each.

Add a popping color to your front door. It adds visual interests that are appealing to potential buyers. It also makes your home stand out.

Refresh Your Garden

The presentation of your home, both inside and outside, can boost your sales, making it one of the best staging tips for selling your home. A garden revamp does not have to be expensive. It’s all about having a tidy garden to help promote the entire external appearance of the home.

There are several ways to refresh your garden:

Get rid of garden rubbish. Decluttering the garden area will give it a fresh and spacious feel. Put everything in its right place.

Repair the garden structures. You can easily detect a neglected garden through its unkempt features. It is the right time to get that wobbly bench repaired, the broken flower vessels disposed of, and the damaged fence panels done well.

Clean the garden structures. After repairing the garden structures, ensure to get rid of the cobwebs. Applying a fresh coat of stain also goes a long way in improving the entire look of the garden.

Work on your lawn. This garden design gives your lawn a lush look, drawing the attention of potential buyers to your home. Uproot the weeds and add more flowers or grass to cover the bare soil. Trim those edges to give your lawn a fresh manicure look.

Give Important Rooms a Refresh

When staging, it’s easy to get carried away by the sitting area renovations, forgetting that a kitchen and bathroom remodel is also among the best staging tips for selling your home, making them equally important. It is essential to keep these revamps simple while using neutral colors.

For the kitchen, start by clearing the countertops. Decluttering creates more space, an essential element, enabling potential buyers to picture themselves in that space. It is also important to give the kitchen a paint refresh. Opt for neutral colors.

Creating a new look by installing custom cabinets in the kitchen is one of the best staging tips for selling your home. Cabinets give it a modern and new look attracting more potential buyers. Additionally, installing the cabinets increases the home’s market value. Replacing also applies to old fixtures such as kitchen sinks. Proper lighting is also essential in the kitchen.

In addition to a paint refresh and proper lighting, it is also important to consider doors and furniture repairs, especially in the main bedroom, and replacing bathroom structures, especially if the ones available are stained.

Take time to access the plumbing system as well. Ensure there are no blockages, and in case of any issues, ensure they are resolved before putting your home on the market.

Invest in New Floors

According to real estate experts, wooden floors can increase your home value by 2.5%. But what matters to potential buyers is how clean and neatly done the floor is.

Well-maintained floors are among the best upgradeable features for selling your home, as they are an indication that the home is in good shape. Investing in a new flooring installation should be targeted in essential areas, including:

The main living areas. The main living areas are the living room and the kitchen, where most people spend their time. Well-maintained floors in these areas create a good impression on potential buyers and could even set the tone for price negotiations. It is a space where they spend most of their time with family and friends, so investing in new floors is worth it.

The entryway. The condition of the main entrance into the home gives the potential buyers a picture of what to expect in the interior. If they like what they see on their way in, they will anticipate seeing the rest of the home. But if the entryway is in bad condition, it will be difficult to change their perspective of the home regardless of how clean and well-staged the interior is.

Do not list your home if your floor is worn out, not professionally done, or has too many distracting colors and patterns.

Is it necessary to get new carpets?

Most people prefer having carpets in less virtual spaces such as bedrooms. Getting new carpets before listing your home is, therefore, not necessary. However, It is important to ensure that the existing carpets are clean, stain-free, and not worn out. It is also good to be strategic about carpeted rooms.

Staging plays an essential role in selling a home. Staging is all about appealing to potential buyers by highlighting the best features that they would prioritize when buying a home. It, therefore, has nothing to do with the seller but everything to do with potential buyers. Mastering the art of staging is key to a profitable home sale.