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The Best Way to Show a House for Sale Before You Move


Are you considering selling your house? Homeownership is on the rise, and there’s no better time to list your property than now. In fact, the homeownership rate in the US hit 65.5 percent in 2021, according to Statista. But how fast could you sell your house? According to, the average period that homes are on the market is 31 days as of the middle of 2022. I assume that’s excellent news for you.

However, you might encounter another challenge. How do I get my house ready to sell before I move out? Most likely, this is something you’ve been pondering.

Before you decide to list your house on the market, it’s essential to get it ready so potential buyers can see it at its best. Preparing your home for sale allows you to showcase its best features and eliminate the clutter that might otherwise prevent a buyer from envisioning themselves in your home.

So, what is the best way to show a house for sale before you move? Read on to find out.

Here are nine things you should do when listing your house for sale before moving.

Know Who to Target

Knowing the type of buyer to target is the key to finding perfect first time home buyers. Do you want someone who will be interested in your specific location? Or someone with a certain type of background? Be clear about what’s important, and you’ll easily find the perfect person to buy your house.

In 2021, the average first time home buyer financed 93% of the cost of their home, compared to 83% for repeat home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. First-time home buyers might care about getting an affordable, easy-to-maintain property they can customize and make their own. On the other hand, an experienced homeowner might focus more on luxury features like a wine room or an elevator.

Highlight Its Great Features

Another best way to show a house for sale is by highlighting its great features. Most home buyers desire a house with outstanding unique features. According to the National Association of Realtors, 38% of buyers who chose previously owned houses did so because they believed the value was higher overall. Consider the most attractive features for a first-time home buyer and highlight these in your house.

A first-time home buyer may want to consider factors like their commute distance from work, the walkability of their neighborhood, or if they have children and what schools are available. They will also look at other homes on sale in your neighborhood and nearby schools.

It is also important to have one of the best movers come in and organize everything. The goal is to have an open floor plan that will make you feel more at home during the presentation. Getting all your cleaning done before a showing is vital because people love it when the place looks clean and smells good.

It’s prudent to

hire a professional company that provides home window tint or backup generator installation services to give your home an exquisite upscale.

Talk About Previous Improvement Projects

If you’re looking for the best way to show a house for sale, consider highlighting your previous improvement projects. This can help give potential buyers an idea of what they can expect and make the house more attractive in general. Most home buyers often enjoy newer homes because they have fewer problems. Recent upgrades are something to design to appear prominently if you’re planning on selling your house soon. Below are great improvement projects you should focus on.

  • Painting
  • Getting a new carpet
  • Upgrading your appliances
  • Adding new windows

Home painting companies can help with anything that needs paint, such as moldings, doors, trims around windows, or door frames. This is another best way to show a house for sale, and it can make a difference to your home’s overall look and feel. After doing all these things and mentally preparing for your new adventure, you will find that selling your current home is easier than ever!

Talk About Future Possibilities

There are numerous reasons why people buy homes. While some want to downsize to save money, others require additional space to accommodate a growing family. The simplest option to expand a home to satisfy future needs is to purchase a house with a room that can be easily converted into an additional living space. Another best way to show a house for sale is to showcase any property features that can accommodate an additional room outside or a huge attic.

Replace the Roof Before You Go

Is a new roof required before you put your house on the market? Definitely, yes.

One of the first things a prospective buyer will examine when viewing your property is the roof’s condition. Most buyers are particularly concerned about the roof’s condition. If yours is sagging, cracked, leaking, or missing shingles, it will deter a sizable portion of your buyer base.

Yes, you could lower the price to account for the possible expense of a roof replacement or provide buyers with a budget for post-closing roof repairs. However, you still risk losing a possible transaction if the buyer decides not to put up with the bother.

Your home’s worth will undoubtedly increase with a new roof. In fact, new roofing gives you a significant investment return. That’s right. Below are average costs for two of the most popular types of roof replacement.

Be Open About Any Needed Repairs

Did you know that, according to a yearly poll by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of recent buyers of new houses avoid renovations and issues with the plumbing or electricity? When listing your property with an agent, be open about needed repairs, such as air conditioning, drain cleaning, or garage door repair. Remember that honesty is always best! Better still, perform the requisite repairs and renovation to ensure your house is flawless during resale. This is another best way to show a house for sale.

Not only will this help make your house more attractive to first-time home buyers, but these upgrades also add value when you sell. An agent can work closely with these professionals on what is needed for a smooth sale. It’s never too late to start updating your home!

Show Off the Effort You Put Into It

Showing off the work you put into the house is another best way to show a house for sale. It’s essential to make the home look attractive and welcoming. Painting the interior walls, replacing light fixtures, fixing the landscaping, and getting air conditioning repairs are just a few ways to show off your efforts. Home buyers also want to know that if something breaks or goes wrong in their new house, they will be able to get it fixed or replaced quickly.

When it comes to being ready to sell your house, there is no such thing as too much effort!

The kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that sell homes, according to many real estate brokers. In other words, a kitchen or bathroom remodel provides a higher return on your investment. In fact, Coldwell Banker found that kitchen upgrades, including newly painted cabinets, new cabinets, and new worktops, lead in things homebuyers want most, with 45% of respondents saying that it is a must-have.

Therefore, upgrading your kitchen and bathroom is among the finest ways to raise the value of your property if you have a renovation budget. However, whether you’re considering painting the inside of your home, changing old lights with new ones, or adding features like an A/C backup generator, these improvements will show potential first-time homeowners that you are willing to put in the work for them.

Have Everything Inspected

No law requires an inspection before you sell your house. However, the U.S. General Accounting Office reports that more than 85% of homebuyers who filed for a mortgage also requested an inspection. This is not altogether unexpected, given that home inspections might uncover potential flaws that may require expensive repairs.

Even though you are familiar with your house, you may still be unaware of certain problems. Home inspectors are trained to spot these flaws, which can offer you an advantage over issues that might seriously lower the value of your home or kill a sale.

The best way to have an inspection done is by hiring professionals in the following exterior areas:

  • Exterior walls
  • Foundation
  • Garage
  • Roof
  • Septic System
  • Pests/Bugs

Alternatively, hiring a general home inspection is an excellent way to prepare for the best way to show a house for sale. It is crucial to check all of your home’s essential structural and mechanical components. A home inspector should thoroughly inspect the following areas to ensure that you are aware of any problems:

1. Plumbing

Buyers will want a reliable plumbing system that runs effectively after purchasing the home. Have a plumber examine the pipes, faucets, toilets, sinks, and showers. You must make sure that the plumbing itself is in excellent working order—there must be no significant leaks, clogs, and pipe deterioration.

2. Heating

Home buyers are frequently worried about the furnace, for a good reason. A new HVAC system is expensive. Consider the lifespan of your system, which is typically between 20 and 30 years.

Are you on the verge of having to replace the system?

It makes sense to check the status of the heating system yourself because prospective buyers will have a keen interest in it. That said, you can opt to fix or replace the system or sell the house for a relatively lower price. Of course, the prior option sounds more prudent than the latter.

3. Electrical

Not only does the electrical system need to be reliable, but also secure. So, if the electrical system in your home is too old, you can have trouble selling it to homebuyers who want something more up-to-date and capable of supporting their digital lifestyles.

When developing your sales strategy, getting the inside scoop of your electrical system from an inspector can be quite beneficial. Of course, safety and code violations need to be fixed. However, speaking with your Realtor is the only way to determine if your current electrical system will be acceptable to buyers.

Open Up the Garage and the Yard

Potential buyers may want to inspect the garage, so avoid using it as a holding space for moving boxes or storage bins. Determine whether the garage is well-ventilated, examine the garage frame if it is visible, and ensure the garage doors open and close properly.

Clean the floors and organize the room as much as possible so that visitors can notice the room’s potential rather than its flaws. On days when the house is available to the public, don’t forget to clean up any trash from the yard and perform relevant maintenance processes.

If a buyer won’t even get out of their agent’s car because the exterior of your property puts them off, a possible transaction is soon lost. By painting your front door and possibly adding a wreath made of dried wildflowers or putting one or two flower pots on your front porch, you can improve the exterior’s appearance and make it feel more inviting.

Even if you have a lot of money, don’t spend too much on the staging phase. The best qualities of the house should be highlighted, but bear in mind that these qualities may not necessarily make the house functional for the buyer.

To maximize your investment, you should design home staging efforts to appeal to as many types of homebuyers as you can. You can sell your house for a higher price if more people submit purchase offers. That said, don’t overlook the importance of a reputable and result-oriented realtor. Work with experts, and your home will have a new owner in no time.

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