Installing an Industrial Plug Locking Device


Wire locking plugs are plug devices made to slot into a matching socket and lock in place. This makes it much more difficult for the plug to be pulled from the connection by an outside force in a location the cord might be at moving around.

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For example, wired construction equipment and power generators are often connected with these devices, to reduce the risk of coming unplugged or disconnected and shocking someone. These plugs can come pre-made with cords, but they’re also relatively easy to install yourself if you’re looking to customize the specifications of any of the parts. All you need is the locking plug piece, a length of grounded cable, and a few tools to strip the wires and adjust the screws.

This video is a perfect walkthrough of how to install a wire locking plug onto a customized length of cable. Custom power cables are often utilized by builders to save on material costs and have more control over the specs. As always, you should always be very careful when working with electricity and be absolutely certain you know when wires are live. As the video says, these plugs tend to come with their own instructions in case you decide a different type would better suit your project, but the base concept stays the same.