Keep These Companies in Mind When Youre a Homeowner


It takes a lot to keep your home in check. You must worry about repairs, maintenance, and certain replacements throughout the year. That’s why it’s always good to have a list of residential services to hire so you can quickly call them when needed. From septic tank professionals to landscapers, here are contractors you should always keep in mind.

Septic Tank Company

Thanks to your septic tank, you have a place on your residence where wastewater can be stored. Every time you wash your hands, shower, bathe, or flush your toilet, that wasted water goes into your septic tank. Of course, that septic tank can’t just be filled up forever and ever for the lifespan you live in your property. According to Bob Vila, you should have residential septic tank pumping at least every three years. In some cases, you may need septic tank pumping before the three-year mark is up.

Many telltale signs let you know your septic tank is overflowing, and you need to call a contractor immediately. Have your toilets begun to flush slower or not at all? A backed-up toilet is the last thing you want in your home as it can eventually overflow and create water damage. Water may also begin to drain out slower from your drains, whether it’s in your sink or bathtub. You may also begin to hear gurgling noises and pipes when water goes down the drain. One of the worst signs of a septic problem is horrible smells. If you begin to notice the smell of sewage in your home or around your drainage field, it’s usually due to a problem with your septic tank.

Don’t forget to check out your drainage field periodically. Extra green areas on your drainage field can often be due to the additional fertilization happening from the sewage underground. You may also notice water pooling in that area, which can create havoc in terms of preventing pests. After all, mosquitoes are attracted to sitting water and can lay as many as 100 eggs in one sitting, according to the EPA. Keep your home sanitary and safe by ensuring that septic tank professionals are on your list of residential services to hire.

Electrical Company

Electricity is essential to any home. That’s why a local electrician should be among your residential services to hire immediately. The typical American home has several devices and appliances operating at the same time. With so many smart TVs, computers, and PlayStations in operation in addition to your kitchen appliances, you want to make sure that you don’t end up having a circuit breaker issue or a power outage. Depending on how old your home and wiring are, you may need to invest in electrical panel replacements.

If the wiring in your home was never updated before you moved in, it may now be your time to do so. After all, you don’t want to play around with electricity, so if there are any frayed wires or an outdated panel, it’s worth investing the money to update that so your home isn’t at risk for electrical fires or other problems.

Hardscaping Company

When it comes to residential services to hire for your home exterior, make sure you find local hardscaping businesses. Hardscapers can provide a range of services, such as new walkways, patios, and decks. Many of them also specialize in water features such as fishponds and waterfalls. They work with various masonry services so they can add brick, stone, or cement features to your home. These materials are very durable and can often last for the lifespan of your home unless you decide to replace them.

One of the most popular upgrades, hardscaping businesses are responsible for our deck building. More and more American homeowners want a deck or patio for their homes, and it’s easy to understand why. A new deck not only increases the living space in your home, but it provides regular access to nature without having to leave your property. After all, why drive to the beach if you don’t feel like it when you can simply lounge outside on your own patio?

When you build a deck from scratch, you can customize it the way you like. Hardscapers can build a deck or patio from any type of masonry material, while also adding additional features like enclosures to protect from weathering. They may also add awnings that can provide shade, and protect from excessive UV rays.

Patio building is among the more popular residential services to hire because they also provide a resource for various activities. You enjoy having family and friends over for parties and barbecues Everyone can enjoy a good time out on your deck without messing up your living room or kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, you can build an outdoor kitchen on that patio space. So if you enjoy cooking smelly or smoky foods like fish or BBQ, an outdoor kitchen can provide that space so you don’t have to smell up your entire home.

Carpet Company

Do you enjoy having a carpeted floor? It’s no surprise that people love having a soft carpet to feel the warmth underneath their feet in winter. Carpeting also provides extra insulation which comes in handy during the winter months. The downside to carpeting can be stains and smells that can linger compared to hardwood flooring. Maybe you’ve tried spot-cleaning those coffee or wine stains out of your carpet to no avail. If you have pets that love your carpeting as much as you do, then they may be smelly due to pet dander and outside dirt they track in. No matter how much you vacuum your carpets, it’s very easy for dirt, mold, mildew, and allergens to remain trapped deep down in carpet fibers.

The amount of dirt and contaminants that your carpet contains means you should add a carpet cleaning contractor to your list of residential services to hire. Regular professional carpet cleaning can ensure that your carpets look, smell, and feel clean. Clean carpets not only look good, but they can also improve your air quality. Then you can feel more comfortable entertaining family and friends, especially as the holiday season approaches. Plus, you can use rugs as needed for aesthetic purposes and not as an attempt to hide unsightly carpet stains.

HVAC Company

When you’re a homeowner, you should always have an HVAC company on your list of residential services to hire. Your HVAC system is responsible for keeping your home properly heated or cooled throughout the year. But your HVAC unit isn’t just about heating and cooling. It’s also responsible for proper air circulation and filtration. So if your unit is no longer functioning the way it should, don’t hesitate to call AC repair services.

Can you imagine being in the middle of a heat wave without an AC? Being in such a situation could be life or death. According to the CDC, over 11,000 Americans have died from heat-related illnesses since 1979. Now that winter is around the corner, extreme cold can have the same devastating impact on your family. So ensure you and your family members don’t suffer from hyperthermia or make yourselves more susceptible to colds and flu because your home isn’t properly protected from the cold.

Having an HVAC contractor on your list of residential services to hire can ensure the air quality in your home remains safe. If the ducts in your AC unit aren’t clean, that means you’re going to be breathing in contaminated air. Dirt, mildew, allergens, and other contaminants can build up in your ducts when you don’t have regular inspections and servicing. If someone in your home already has respiratory problems like asthma or bronchitis, a poor AC unit can make things even worse.

Your HVAC unit can also control the amount of humidity in your home. Extreme humidity levels can wreak havoc on your furniture and affect certain plants you have. Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air, and when there’s too much moisture, it’s a breeding ground for mold. According to Qipa, it only takes mold 24 to 72 hours to begin sprouting in a wet environment.

Drain Cleaning Company

Clogged drains can make your home more uncomfortable to live in. Can you imagine waiting several minutes for the dirty water in your shower or bathtub to drain out? What if things get so bad that the drains completely stop and you can no longer empty out your kitchen sink after washing dishes? Pooling water can eventually make the home smell bad and can attract pests. After all, mosquitoes love sitting water and can lay as many as 100 eggs at a time, according to the EPA.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with the annoyance and feel that comes with a clogged drain. Add drain cleaning plumbing companies to your list of residential services to hire so you aren’t tempted to use over-the-counter chemicals. Those chemicals are the last things you should use since they damage your pipes and can affect your septic tank. Those chemical cleaners could eventually seep out your septic tank and cause sewage to also leak out into the ground and eventually the water supply.

Professionals have the right tools to quickly clear your clogs and find the root of the problem. Plumbers may use a plumbing snake or may have to replace a clogged pipe that’s far too damaged. They also know when the clog is further down on the back end due to a problem with your septic tank.

Solar Company

Are you tired of paying excessively high energy bills? If so, it may be time to add solar installation companies to your residential services to hire. As more Americans are interested in green living and reducing their carbon imprint on the environment, solar companies are growing more each day. When you invest in solar panel installation, you’ll have a feature on your home that can last for at least a couple of decades with very minimal maintenance. You’ll also see a reduction in your electrical bills, depending on the type of solar energy system you have.

Roof Company

Before you invest in solar panels, make sure you have your roof straightened out. Residential roofers are a mainstay on any homeowner’s list of residential services to hire. According to Bob Vila, you should have your roof inspected at least once a year. However, you may need more frequent inspections if you live in an area with inclement weather, such as high winds. After all, a major hail storm, heavy winds, hurricanes, or heavy snow storms can damage your roofing in ways that may not be obvious to you.

Pest Control Company

If you want to ensure your home isn’t invaded by six or eight-legged creatures, you should invest in pest control companies. As a homeowner, you want to ensure you don’t have rodents, cockroaches, or bed bugs in your home. Pest control companies can also look out for termites that love to munch on wood and can destroy your foundation in a few short years.

Impact Window Company

There are many ways to protect your home from the elements as well as from intruders. In addition to fencing and strong doors, you should enlist the services of impact window installation companies. If you live in an area with storms that involve high winds, impact window installations can prevent your windows from shattering. They can also protect your home from water damage from floods since water will be less likely to get inside. Stronger windows can also prevent intruders from breaking in.

You have many options for contractors to hire when you’re a homeowner. Consider the likelihood of a pest infestation, develop your landscape, maintain an updated HVAC unit, and keep your sewer system as clean as possible. By hiring the right residential contractors, you can keep your home safe, functioning, and at a high value for many decades to come. Use this guide as a helpful way to get started.