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3 Uses Of a Commercial Mortise Lock


In many commercial properties, you may find the common mortise lock on the building doors and outside doors. This lock is meant to handle lots of traffic coming through a building with a pocket in a door so that the fitted lock will latch each time. According to the video, there are three main uses for a commercial mortise lock. These locks are designed to manage lots of employees who travel through an area frequently, embrace heavy-duty uses, and maintain the security of a property.

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In many commercial buildings, a door that needs to stay locked can open hundreds of times a day, and the average lock cannot maintain that lock mortise lock. Several parts on this lock are designed to keep it in place when it’s hit with force and opened regularly to keep it engaged when it’s closed and not impact security. These locks come with heavy-duty locks and have hubs, spindles, and shields on both sides of the door to manage this weight and impact that can impact the door regularly. Doors that are meant to have a mortise lock will be easy to install with a spot cut out in preparation for this lock and to secure it in place before the door is installed with the commercial mortise lock.

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