What to Do at Home Before Beginning the Listing Process to Ensure The Greatest Profit


Moving may eventually become a necessity for you because of your growing family, a promising career opportunity, or numerous other reasons. Regardless of why you’re moving, you will have to complete some important tasks first. Chief among them is listing your home for sale. Of course, you cannot just jump into the listing process. You have to prepare your home properly to get the maximum return, and the tips listed in this article can help with that.

Repair Your Driveway

The driveway is the part of your home that people often see first. If potential buyers are dropping by to inspect your property, they may form a strong opinion just by looking at your driveway. They may see your driveway in a state of disrepair and decide that any further inspections are unnecessary. You don’t want that to happen, so take care of your driveway before entering the listing process.

So, how should you go about repairing your driveway? You have three options to consider in that regard – patching, resurfacing, and replacement. The best option for your driveway depends on its current state.

Patching works for minor driveway damage. Meanwhile, resurfacing is appropriate if your driveway has potholes or alligator cracks. Complete replacement makes sense if most of your driveway is damaged. You should also consider a replacement if your driveway is around 20 years old because you will soon need a new one at that point.

If you are looking at a potential replacement, you should decide if you want concrete or asphalt paving. Concrete driveways are easier to repair, and you can even change their appearance. Asphalt driveways are easier to maintain, and their appearance also stays intact longer. Carefully consider those factors before replacing your driveway.

Replace Your Roof

Few things can turn away potential buyers faster than a damaged roof. People know just how troublesome and expensive replacing a roof can be. Even if they love other aspects of your home, they may not put an offer on the table until you address that issue. Resolving that issue before you start the listing process would be ideal.

Before doing anything else, you should confirm that your roof needs to be replaced. You can do that by looking for some warning signs. Leaking is probably the one sign of trouble most people can recognize. Water stains on your ceiling and the upper edges of your walls are among the telltale signs of leaking.

You may also need to replace your roof if it has damaged shingles or tiles. Those damaged shingles and tiles can allow moisture and debris to enter your roof and cause substantial damage. Seeking repairs may be possible if you’re only dealing with a few damaged tiles or shingles, but full replacement is necessary for larger issues. Hire a local roofing contractor so they can check if your tile or shingle damage merits replacement.

Aging is another factor that can determine the need for roof replacement. Roofs made with asphalt shingles usually last around 30 years, while concrete and clay tiles can stay in good condition for a century. Choose slate as your new roof if you want to use longevity as a selling point. According to Angie’s List, slate roofs can last as much as 150 years.

Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned

While coming up with things to address before starting the listing process, you may not even give a passing thought to your septic tank. It’s easy to forget your septic tank because it’s hidden from view. We’re here to remind you about that part of your home and the care it requires.

This time around, replacement will likely be unnecessary. Septic tanks can provide consistent service for up to 40 years. If the one attached to your property is still far from that point, you should be able to sell your home without it causing any issues.

Still, your septic tank may need some work, even if you don’t have to replace it. You may have to pay for septic pumping to ensure it doesn’t cause any issues while people check out your home. According to the EPA, residential septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years. Stay on that schedule to maintain your septic tank’s performance.

Do note that more frequent pumping may still be required due to your household’s specific characteristics. If you throw everything down your drains, your septic tank may need to be cleaned more often. Earlier pumping could also become necessary if your household’s septic tank is too small.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Thus far, we’ve focused on the potential issues you may need to address before starting the listing process. Being reactive to the issues affecting your home is certainly helpful, but taking a proactive approach can also be beneficial. A proactive approach to prepping your home should focus on boosting curb appeal.

Curb appeal refers to how attractive a property is when viewed from the outside. People stop by and take notice if they see a home with substantial curb appeal. It’s the thing that resonates with potential buyers when they are first looking at available properties.

Boosting your property’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can pick up some landscaping supplies from your local gardening store and use them to trim your bushes and shrubs. If you can afford to hire professionals, you should reach out to a local hardscape company. Ask them to work on your natural stone fixtures so they can look their best.

Revitalizing your home through repainting is also a great idea. Repaint your doors and windows to make them more presentable. You can also repaint and clean your fences to maximize your property’s curb appeal.

Finish Your Basement

The amount of living space a home can provide is often a critical point of consideration for buyers. The buyers in question may be young parents looking to have more kids. Even if your home is a good fit for them now, that may not be the case in a few years. To accommodate the needs of those buyers, you should consider finishing your basement.

Finishing your basement means outfitting it with the same features found in your home’s other living areas. A finished basement should have electrical fixtures, convenient access points, HVAC connections, and other basic comfort features. It doesn’t qualify as a finished part of your home if you cannot stay in your basement for an extended period.

After learning about the must-have features of a finished basement, you may already understand that it’s not a simple project. Unless you already have experience with electrical fixtures and HVAC connections, leaving them to the professionals would be best.

Contact a remodeling company and let them handle the work your basement needs. Once your finished basement is ready, you can use it as a major asset during and after the listing process.

Replace Your Flooring

Next, we should discuss an upgrade that can significantly improve your home, even if its impact is often overlooked. You may not even think to change this part of your home before the listing process, but doing so will be worth it. The upgrade we’re hinting at here is new flooring. Replacing your flooring before listing your home for sale can be highly beneficial.

For starters, installing new flooring can refresh your home’s appearance. Old flooring can be a liability for your property even if it’s still in good condition. Its outdated appearance can turn potential buyers off because they’ll have to replace it if they want a stylish home. You can make things easier for them by installing new flooring.

Your current flooring can also present a health concern for some buyers. The mold that has grown between the layers of your old flooring could trigger allergies. Accumulated dust can do the same thing. Buyers may be forced to pass on your home because of those flooring issues, and you may miss out on their substantial offers.

Despite how resilient flooring can be, replacing it should not be a project you attempt solo. You can easily ruin your flooring by going down that route. Look for a reputable flooring contractor and ask them to handle replacement to ensure it’s done correctly.

Remodel Your Bathrooms

According to an article from The Independent, the average adult spends 416 days in the bathroom in their lifetime. The time we spend in the bathroom is obviously born out of necessity. Even so, it would be great to make that time more comfortable. That’s why you should consider bathroom remodeling before embarking on the listing process.

Sell your home to buyers by highlighting your remodeled bathroom. Tell them about the improvements you made with the help of expert home remodelers and give them a reason to make substantial offers. Exaggerating to sell the merits of your new bathroom won’t be necessary.

You can start by discussing the low-flow fixtures in your bathroom. Mention that those fixtures can conserve water and save money. Pair them with a low-flow toilet to reinforce the conservation theme for that part of your home.

Do you already have a big bathroom? If so, you can look into even more attractive upgrades. Take advantage of the space you have available by getting a home sauna.

Other upgrades worth considering include a new bathroom vanity and tiles. A natural lighting fixture can also make your bathroom feel more relaxing. Discuss all those options with your remodelers and choose the best matches for your bathroom.

Remodel Your Kitchen

For many homeowners, cooking feels like a chore because their kitchens feel stuffy and outdated. They may even have features that can cause accidents. Many buyers will quickly lose interest in your home if they see your neglected kitchen. Prevent that from happening by hiring kitchen remodelers.

You should consider numerous kitchen upgrades prior to the listing process. Changing your kitchen layout is one potential upgrade to keep in mind. Right now, cooking in your kitchen may not be enjoyable because that space feels cramped. Revamp its layout so it can be more of an asset for your property.

Installing new flooring can also improve the experience of working in your kitchen. Because kitchen flooring can get pretty slippery due to spilled liquids, you should introduce an upgrade that addresses that problem. Cover your kitchen floor with anti-slip tiles so the people who buy it can cook without worrying about slipping accidents.

A range hood is yet another addition that can transform your kitchen. Range hoods are comfort-focused additions that prevent smoke from accumulating. They also suck up airborne grease and help your kitchen stay clean longer. Capturing the interest of more buyers is easier if you have a range hood in your kitchen.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Finally, you can prepare your home for the listing process by hiring professional cleaners. Getting your home cleaned by professionals is a critical bit of preparation. Eagle-eyed buyers can quickly spot stains inside an open house. They may see those stains as indicators of negligence and pass on your property as a result.

Avoid presenting your house in a negative light by requesting the aid of different cleaning services. Hire a roofer who can clear out your gutters. You may also need a power washing company to work on your driveway. Professional cleaners can also make your doors and windows more presentable.

Don’t forget about the interior portions of your property during cleanup. The carpet, in particular, can likely benefit from deep cleaning. Call a carpet steam cleaning service in your area and allow them to handle that element of your home interior. Your bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms should also be cleaned thoroughly before the showcase.

Making a massive profit from selling your home is possible if you take the necessary steps beforehand. Complete all the steps we detailed in this article so you can present your home in the best light. The great offers should roll in not long after you finish those preparations. You can also drop by our website to learn about other ways to boost your property’s value!