Which Features of Lake House Exteriors Will Enhance Your Waterfront Property?


There are several ways to enhance your waterfront property, such as lake house exteriors. You want features that make living on the water enjoyable and convenient, all while improving the overall look of the home. These exterior needs are different from traditional homes because of the proximity to the lake and the activities that you have right outside the home. Below are some of the more important exterior features you should already have, improve upon, or add to your home to get the maximum effect and use of your property.

Boat Dock

You can’t have a lake home and not have a boat dock. This is why you should make sure you have one right outside of your lake house exterior. The boat dock can be small if you only have one boat, or larger if you’re planning to have multiple types of watercraft out on the water. Since a lake is large, you can have the boat dock go out straight ahead from the property and walk down to the boat, or you can do an L shape. This is something you need to consider with your neighbors in mind, and see how much space you have next to you on either side for safety purposes.

For lake homes with a lot of space out on the front and a large property, you can really extend your boat dock, giving it ample shelter, and adding a swing to the area. No matter what size or type of dock you build, make sure you have it lighted properly so that any boats out on the water at night can see it for safety concerns. You should also make sure there is a color scheme on your dock, so you know it’s yours and identifiable when you’re out on the water. Lots of sports enthusiasts will paint their docks the same color as their favorite teams. If you have a large enough dock that is accessible to the public, you can consider having a couple of boat rentals on the property.

Solar Panels

Lake homes get a lot of sun, no matter where you are in the country. Lake house exteriors aren’t complete without solar panels on the property, absorbing the power from the UV lights. A home solar panel will help with the cost of energy on the property, and it can be used to power the lights on your dock, and other features you have outside your home. If you’re considering having a home solar panel for the house, too, you’ll need to have two panels for each property structure.

While a solar panel system isn’t the cheapest feature for your home, it does offer money-saving capabilities in the long term for your lake house. Many lakes already have some form of wind or solar energy mills nearby, so you could get a grant or a tax credit by opting into these programs. Also, you’ll see a difference in your monthly power bill, which is great if your lake home is your second home, or you’re using the property as a vacation rental.

Quality Siding

Lake home exteriors aren’t complete without quality siding, and if you want to give it a good upgrade to something new and modern, then shiplap wood may be the right call for your home. A siding contractor will come out and remove the current siding that you have on your home, and then give you a quote on how much the shiplap wood is. They can install this material for you, and make sure it’s used with treated wood to protect it from the water and sun that will be in the lake area year-round.

Other materials include engineered vinyl, which is easy to maintain and clean around lakes, and some homes want brick still. Both of these will require regular power-washing maintenance on the home but are also great options. Before you hire any contractor, make sure you get a couple of quotes first to see if there is a major difference and an idea of what the material cost is. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of contractors, you’ll want to be sure they are insured properly, and know when they’re coming to do the work on your home. If your lake home is your second home, you may want to come up for the renovation or have someone you trust nearby oversee it.

Protective Roof

Being able to have your roof protected while living on the lake is something that is required. This exterior feature requires the help of local contractors, as they will install a roof that is great for the weather and the environment. Many lake homes are making the transition to metal roofs because they are more durable with the excessive wind and heat that surrounds living out on a lake. They require little maintenance over time, and they are also customizable for various colors. When getting a new metal roof, you can have them come in and add one that will match the look and theme of your home instead of traditional asphalt shingle roofs.

After having your roof repaired or a new one installed, it’s good practice to bring in a local waterproofing company to the property and go through the home. They will go down to the bottom floor of the lake home, especially if you have a basement, and add a French drain that keeps the water out of the home and causes excessive damage. Because the home is on a lake, they can easily have the water cycled back to the lake if it does come into the home, and keep your lake house protected.

Fresh Paint

Lake house exteriors require fresh paint every few years, and this is something that you need to make sure is done correctly. This means painting the porches with exterior paint to treat the wood or painting the siding on your home. If you want to change the color of your siding, the exterior painting will need to be painted specifically for that material. You can bring in professionals to come in and do this so that you can make sure all precautions are covered.

Most exterior paint comes in so many colors, so you can be as unique as you want when it’s time to give your property a fresh coat of paint. This is even true for your decks, and your boat docks that you’re looking to paint. These paints have chemicals that are designed to protect and treat these areas in the home.


When it comes to lake home exteriors, make sure the contractors you hire will design the hardscaping part of your property. This refers to any gravel paths, patios, steps, and decks you want to have on your property. You want to make sure that you enjoy your outdoor space and it’s everything that you want. There are several contractors that you’ll need to contact if you’re planning to do this on your own, or if you hire a contractor to design the space. Stone suppliers and paving companies are at the top of that list.

Depending on if you want a patio space, you can have it outlined to come either directly out of your home or in a separate space detached from the property. Some homes have both a deck and a patio, which makes it easy if you’re coming off of the boat, and need a place to get changed and cleaned up before going into the house. Some lake homes will have changing areas and private outdoor showers to make it comfortable and convenient for homeowners and their guests to enjoy the lake without bringing all that into the home.


Lake home exteriors aren’t complete without landscaping, and you’ll want a local landscape designer who’s familiar with the area to come out and make sure your home replicates the right look for the lake. Depending on where you live, your landscape designer will choose local plants that thrive in the area, and plant them around your home and boat dock for aesthetic purposes. They will also make sure you have quality grass on the property that goes well in the area.

If you’re looking to have an irrigation system that’s hooked up to the lake to water your lawn, they can also make sure that is outlined properly, along with any lights that you want. Just like the boat dock, you should have some landscape lights for safety purposes, especially if your home faces the lake. Landscapers will come out periodically and not only maintain the property but update the flowers and shrubbery if you want for different seasons, making sure they’re pruned.

Grilling Area

Being out on the lake all day at your lake home means you can enjoy dinner whenever you want, and it’s super convenient with a grilling area. This is one of the most sought-after lake house features for lake homeowners. In these grilling areas, there are usually coverings to protect the kitchen equipment that’s outside. You want a space that is separate from where you sit and play to cook safely. Some of the most high-end grilling areas will have a counter space to work, as well as a sink for convenience so you don’t have to go in and out of the house when cooking.

If you plan to enjoy your food right outside, you should probably upgrade your grilling area to a kitchenette so that it’s easy to transport food and have everything you need. You’ll also need storage, so your grilling area should have some cabinets that will keep wildlife and unwanted pests out. For a full outdoor experience, an outdoor wood oven will complete the area, and really let you get creative with cooking. If you are using propane, then you need a safe place to store the propane gas tank.

Patio Furniture

Lake home exteriors will showcase their patio furniture, so you need something that can withstand the water and weather conditions in your area. A local furniture dealer will have patio furniture that is designed for your environment, and it will likely be more durable and better quality than some of the pieces you order offline or through big box companies.

When you start picking out patio furniture, you’ll need to consider a table and chairs, ensuring you have enough seats for your family and any entertaining that you do regularly. Also, having a sitting area like an outdoor couch and chairs is a great way to enjoy the lake view when the weather is nice. Even if you don’t have a covered patio, you want furniture that can be exposed to heat, cold, and water regularly. Not only are you looking at quality, but you’re also looking at theme. You’ll want furniture that matches the look you want for your home.

Outdoor Shower

If you have decided to go with an outdoor shower on your lake house exterior, you want to first make sure it’s private and also make sure it’s complete with tile. First, the shower should have full walls that keep you or anyone using the shower from being exposed to the public at all angles. You want to be able to look up and not see anyone looking at you from a neighboring home or trees. Also, the area needs to be equipped with tile. The tile is waterproof, so once the shower is off and you step out, the outdoor shower can naturally dry, making it a great material to last. Tile shops will have different patterns, so you can make the showers look any way you want, and also make it easy to clean. A quick spray off on this tile and the shower is clean. It will not be damaged by the outside elements and will last for many years.

Final Thoughts

These are all great options to add to your lake house if you’re looking to make some changes soon. Whether you’ve owned the home for a while, just inherited it, or just purchased it, you can truly make it your own. These features not only look great, but they let you get the full experience and life quality out of your lake house.