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What smart and well educated woman isn’t concerned about her carbon footprint upon our fragile planet today? The trend is towards green living nowadays and if you want to be identified as a trendsetter there are lots of things you can do For instance, you can lower your carbon footprint and update your home into a green living home by choosing a natural latex bed mattress over a synthetic material mattress.

Women are the best at creating a healthy environment and a happy home. It really doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mother married to a professional or if you are a professional yourself, you’ll want to take part in keeping a clean environment for you, your children and the next generation coming up behind them. A natural latex bed mattress is best for the environment and there are many reasons why this is so, not the least of which is the absence of harmful toxins and chemicals.

A natural latex bed mattress is made out of material harvested from a “Rubber” tree, also known as the Hevea tree. They use the latex they harvest to make a natural latex bed mattress along with mattress pads and natural latex pillows. Natural latex is durable and makes a great material for a latex foam mattress. The latex bed mattress is designed to have tiny holes within the core that makes the latex bed mattress pliable enough to conform to your body contours when you lay on one. The latex bed mattress that has the largest and most numerous holes are going to be the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on.

You will love the fact that the natural latex bed mattress is hypo allergenic too. No need to worry about mold with these kinds of mattresses either. Latex is a flexible breathable material. Another advantage to the natural latex bed mattress is its natural ability to keep you warm at night and cool in the summer. Different companies make the natural latex bed mattress. These mattresses should not be confused with the synthetic mattresses that are also on the market. Be a smart and savvy shopper that is doing her part in saving the planet today. Make sure you only by natural latex bed mattresses for your home.