Raise the Roof! Why it Might be Time to Replace Your Home’s Tiled Roof With a Metal One


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No home can be complete (or dry!) without a roof on top of it. A roof protects a home from elements like wind, rain, snow, and crippling heat. Birds, squirrels, insects, and other critters would make their way into our homes a lot more frequently if it weren’t for the well-constructed roofs over our heads. Roofs have the ability to make a home look great from the outside — and to help meet a home’s insulation needs on the inside. They’re the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics. We all need one!

It may shock you to learn that most of our roofs are a bit outdated. They’re not necessarily ineffective, though. Our understanding of how to build the most durable, well-insulated roofs has simply evolved over the years. Most of our homes and the roofs on top were built before some these advances became popular. Roofing companies had fewer construction alternatives at the time.

Take for example your own roof. Take a look at your home from the outside. You’re sure to see little panels, or shingles, overlapping each other in a pattern that stretches across the whole roof. This is a time-tested and true method of construction that roofing companies have been using for years. The way the shingles are packed onto the frame help deflect water into the gutteridge system so your home stays dry. Ever seen a home with pots and pans on the floor to catch falling droplets of water? That’s a leaky roof — somewhere up top, water is able to squeeze through the shingles and seep into the home. A good roof will also deflect wind, absorb or reflect sunlight (depending on the temperature needs of the home), and provide protection from whatever curveballs nature throws at it.

These roofs sometimes leak and fail. This could leave a homeowner with an array of inconvenient and expensive problems. The standard mantra for homeowners in situations like these might be “repair! repair! repair!” — though breakthroughs across the industry has certainly made “replace! replace! replace!” a lot more enticing and sensical.

Enter metal roofs. Steel roofing is cheaper than the stuff we’re using now (shingles or tiles). In fact, any of the popular commercial roofing metals (zinc, copper, and stainless steel) are about 30 percent cheaper than today’s standard materials. That’s not to say that you’re cutting quality, though. Metal roofs are better at insulating, they’re stronger, and they can last up to 50 years longer than what we’re using now. As far as protection goes, metal roofs are built to withstand winds of up to 140 mph.

Safer, stronger, better, cheaper — what are you waiting for? Call your local roofing companies today and ask about metal roofing for your home. Any roofing company in business today will be up to snuff on the new methods and materials used today.