Tips to Renting the Right Construction Equipment


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The construction business is big. Globally the construction equipment business is worth approximately $145.5 billion. The United States construction business has a market share of about 10%. That means its market is the work’s second largest. All in all, the construction industry employs roughly seven million people. For many people who work as construction contractors, their work is made possible by renting different types of equipment. Renting can often be more cost effective than buying it outright.

Tips for Renting Different Types of Equipment:

Set the budget you can spend on your construction equipment rentals. Before you set out to look for the different types of equipment your job will need, you need to determine how much you will need to spend on conservation equipment rental services. There are a lot of different things you need to consider when set your budget for your rentals. You need to think about how much the job will bring in and what different types of equipment will cost you. That can also help you narrow down where you will go and what you can actually spend your money on.

Determine what you will actually need. Your budget will help you weed out what you would like to rent from what you will need to rent. You should know what different types of equipment are needed for the job you are doing. Make a list of all of the tasks involved in getting the job done and what construction equipment will be needed get these tasks done. Include the brand, make and model of the different types of equipment that you will need to get your job done correctly. If you are not sure what brands, makes and models are the best for each task you can research that online, ask the sales and rental people at the local stores or talk to someone in the industry that you trust. It is critical that you do your research and are confident you are getting exactly what you need so that you do not waste your resources on equipment and tools that you do not need.

Consider the efficiency and safety of the different types of equipment. Different tools come with different safety requirements. For example, lifting equipment will have different safety requirements than some other construction equipment. If you are going to need to construct any kind of scaffolding, you will need the appropriate fall protection equipment and tools. This is especially important if you are hiring anyone to help you with the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has very specific rules and resolutions that govern workers who are at required to do their jobs at any height. If you are unsure what rules pertain to your job, research this as well. You do not need to do a great job for your client only to be fined by OSHA later.

Try to pick equipment that is more energy efficient. Remember, the bigger and more powerful the equipment is, the more energy it will most likely use. This is not only bad for the environment but will increase your energy costs. You may want to see if smaller equipment will work for what you need to do your job. This will be easier and cheaper to operate.

Find the best rental company for your needs. Do you already know a local company that rents different types of equipment? If you so not have a company in mind, do some research about the local companies. Make sure you understand all of their policies for rates, returns, problems with the equipment, rates, fees and whatever else you need to know. If they balk at answering any of your questions or do not seem to want to spend the time answering your inquiries, go with someone else. If they do not have the time to talk to you before you are a customer, they will not have it once you have become one.

Renting construction equipment can make working as a contractor more feasible than having to buy everything.This also cuts down on what you have to store. By renting equipment that you do not use all the time, you will improve your bottom line.