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What Are The Most Popular Homeowner Renovation Projects?


Best custom bathroom cabinets

With all the care and assets that go into maintaining a beautiful home it can be difficult starting a new makeover project. Where do you even start with all the available potential? There’s a bathroom that needs renovating, but there’s also a garden that could use a good boost. Your master bedroom can seem a little lacking one day and your kitchen rather dull the next! If you’re curious as to a beautiful and simple way of giving your home a spot of visual splendor, consider looking into custom wine racks or bathroom cabinets. These beautiful, hand-crafted works of art can breathe life into any stale kitchen or bathroom, with plenty of different designs and materials to choose from on the market. You can choose custom wine racks to hold your most prized vintage or custom bathroom vanities to keep safe your soaps and lotions. Let’s take a look at what other homeowners are doing as of late to get you started on your renovation-to-be.

How’s The Industry Looking?

Quite good and thanks for asking! The cabinet and vanity industry in the States has generated a stunning $20 billion over the past few years and employs nearly 100,000 people in the fields of installation, repair, design and consultation. At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s doing pretty well! If you’re more interested in the ‘custom’ aspect of custom wine racks and bathroom cabinets, rest easy with the 8,000 businesses all across the country ready for your perusal. Custom designs can take one to three weeks depending on the scope of the project, while installation can be done within the same day.

Which Project Should I Do?

Whether you should get custom bathroom cabinets or custom wine racks depends wholly on you and your budget! The best thing about custom furniture are the plethora of design options you can choose from at your leisure — hickory, maple, mahogany, beech, cherry and oak are but a few of the brilliant wood textures you can choose. Recent surveys have found that over half of all choosing to remodel their kitchen wanted to include a kitchen island for convenience and appearance purposes, with a quarter of all men and women preferring eco-friendly and sustainable products. When it comes to costs, rest easy that many projects are not just affordable, but can even increase the ROI of your home.

How Much Does It Cost?

Everybody wants to get the most bang for their buck and many cabinet and vanity industries have packages and models to suit every budget. According to the recent Cost v.s. Value Report, the cost of a minor kitchen remodel averages at $19,000 — this includes labor, installation, new countertops, flooring and appliances. A survey revealed that the vast majority of homeowners remodel their kitchens and bathrooms to improve the overall look and feel, with many favoring soft and neutral colors alongside stainless steel appliances. Although your home is your castle and represents the unique aspects of your personality, it helps to know where the proverbial tide turns when beginning your project!

Where Should I Get Started?

Deciding on the ideal kitchen island or custom cabinetry is as simple as contacting your local vanity and cabinet outlet and asking for their deals. Some businesses offer packages that include similar renovations, such as tile restoration or additional appliances, with the intent of saving you money while giving you the most value for your dollar. Even installing a simple wine rack or vanity can increase your ROI by over 70%, which is perfect for people looking to move out in a few years! Next time you’re musing on your home’s next big makeover, consider investing in a beautiful bathroom vanity or a custom wine rack for your kitchen.

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