Do I Really Need to Hire a Pool Cleaning Service?


Swimming pool cleaning

For many years, pools have been a source of great fun for families throughout the United States. Summertimes are spent laughing, jumping, diving, and swimming with friends during holiday parties and regular afternoons alike. For children ages 7 to 17, swimming is the most popular recreational activity in America.

Along with the joys and fun times swimming can bring to you and your family, keeping the pool clean can be a serious chore that you might not want to do yourself. You might have thought about hiring a pool cleaning service, but you might not be sure whether or not it is worth it.

In addition to skimming leaves and taking bugs out of the pool filter, there is the sometimes complicated process of keeping the water chemically balanced. The pH scale gives you a measurement of acidity or alkalinity in your pool. This scale runs from 0 to 14, and a reading in your pool of 7.2 to 7.8 is the ideal number to maintain a healthy pool. This range on the pH scale keeps things safe for swimmers and also helps sanitizers keep the chemicals evenly distributed.

A little more than eight out of ten pools will use chlorine to sanitize. This chemical should keep everything working well if all things remain equal, but you must keep in mind any possible variables. For example, according to a Water Quality and Health Council survey, 20% of Americans admit to peeing in the pool. There’s a variable, right there.

Obviously, things are going to happen in and around your pool that are going to sometimes cause you to wonder if you can handle the maintenance work all on your own. Swimming pool cleaning, especially during the summer months when it gets most of its use, might lead you to the decision that a local pool cleaning service is the way to go.

Another reason you might want to consider a pool cleaning service is that you might need pool repair at some point. With all of the activity in and around your pool, sometimes things will end up needing to be repaired. The pool’s lining, for example, could get torn while children or even adults are playing games in the water. If you have a company that works on all facets of pool cleaning and repair, you only have one call to make to get the fun, summer times back into gear.

If you have a pool in your yard, you already know how much it means to you and your family. Hire the professionals to help keep it clean and swim-ready and simply relax and enjoy your summer.