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Residential Metal Windows Provide Years of Comfort and Energy Conservation


Metal frame residential windows

The homeowners were nervous when the private contractor arrived for the appointment. In preparation for having the siding replaced on the front of their home, they had decided that they better have someone come check out the large second floor window above the front door. The moisture and mildew damage to the siding was evident, but the home owners were not sure if the window would also need to be replaced.
After a thorough inspection both inside and outside, the contractor was confident of his findings. “Those are the best residential windows that I have ever seen. Absolutely no damage in the glass panes or frames and no reason to replace the window.”
The home owners were thrilled and relieved. They knew that they had made a wise investment in the windows, but after 30 years they needed to be certain. Now the home improvement project could move forward. The siding would be replaced, but no additional money would be needed for any of the windows.
Steel Window Manufacturers Provide Quality Products with Extended Warranties
Both steel framed windows and doors are wise home investments. While wooden framed products may initially look attractive to some home buyers, the fact of the matter is many wood products do not age well. While some wooden frames absorb moisture and warp, other wooden products dry out, become brittle, and crack. Residential metal windows, on the other hand, are more sturdy and predictable.
Made from materials that do not rust, steel framed windows allow for small framing options that are strong, but visually appealing. Available in an unlimited number of colors, these frames are a designer’s dream.
Residential Metal Windows Provide Safety to a Home
In addition to being reliable and decorative, residential metal windows are also safe. Did you know that one in every three home burglaries is through an open or unlocked window? Residential windows provide tight frame fittings that work exceptionally well with home security systems. The combination of a security system and metal windows allows home owners to quickly know if windows are sealed and locked before they leave their home or go to bed for the evening.
Also, fire rated windows suppliers often recommend residential metal windows as a fire safety feature. Fire rated windows and doors are a great investment and can have the added benefit of lowering home insurance rates.
Energy Efficiency Is Important When Selecting Windows
While metal window frames have many advantages, perhaps the most important is the fact that they can create significant energy savings for many homes. Did you know, for example, that in many homes 15% to 22% of energy loss occurs through windows? Old, poorly fitted windows that allow heat to escape in the winter, while also allowing cold drafts inside, can be the cause of expensive heating bills, Likewise, single pain windows that do not keep heat out in the summer can make for some very expensive air conditioning bills during the hot summer months.
Making the decision to replace single-pane windows with windows that are Energy Star certified can save home owners $126 to $465 ain energy bills. Additionally, some utility companies provide a rebate for installation of these energy efficient windows. The combination of energy savings and rebates can go a long way toward helping home owners pay themselves back for investing in new windows.
The most savings can be seen if older windows are replaced by high-performance double-pane windows with a Low-E coating. These windows can cost 10% to 15% more than regular windows. They can, however, reduce energy loss by as much as 30% to 50%. Proper installation of these windows is essential though. Professionals understand, for instance, that windows facing the south should have a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) that is higher than 0.6 to maximize solar heat gain during the winter. Additionally, they need a U-factor of 0.35 or less to reduce conductive heat transfer.
Home owners looking for an investment in the value of their home, while at the same time reducing energy costs, can find many home improvement suggestions. Installing attractive, energy efficient windows and doors, however, may be the best option. Attractive new windows add both value and energy efficiency to both new and old homes. Ready to update?

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