4 Signs That It’s Time To Call A Furnace Repair Service


Heating and cooling supply

The HVAC industry currently rakes in over $ 70 billion dollars a year — and it’s no wonder. When your heating and cooling is on the fritz, you really have no option but to call a furnace repair service or that uncle who randomly took a learning annex course in air conditioning repair. But what about pre-fritz issues? How do you really know when to invest in electric furnace repair? (We’re going to prioritize furnaces in this article since heat is actually a home and apartment feature by law whereas air conditioning is considered a luxury). Below are a few signs that you need to budget for a furnace repair service in the near future:
1. It has been longer than two years.
We know we know. For a homeowner or a landlord, two years can fly by, especially if you’re busy fighting with heating and cooling contractors. However, a furnace is a lot like a car; its average lifespan is 12 to 15 years and it requires regular TLC to keep it running smoothly.
2. The darned thing keeps sleeping on the job.
If you’re constantly on the alert for a furnace shut-off, then it is definitely time to call in a furnace repair service. No one has time to stay on guard 24/7 making sure the appliances are doing their job. The reason for frequent shut-offs vary and could include bad wiring, a broken thermostat, a broken pilot light, or a defective fan motor. No matter what the reason, its best to let a professional check it out!
3. Your electric bills are through the roof.
If you have an unusually high pattern of electric bills and can’t account for them anywhere else, this might be a sign that your furnace is becoming less efficient. This isn’t just costly — it can be dangerous, especially if the culprit is a wiring problem, so call in a professional immediately.
4. You can see your breath in your house.
Does your house feel like a New England mansion that hasn’t been inhabited for about 20 years? Can you in fact see your breath when you wander about the kitchen and turn on a burner just to warm your hands? Is there ice collecting on corners and on the insides of window panes? These are all indications that your furnace isn’t heating your whole house anymore, and justify a call to an HVAC company.
One final note…
There are over 85,000 furnace repair service providers in the U.S. today. Before committing to one, make sure to thoroughly vet their reputations on consumer report websites like Angie’s List and ask around for a good recommendation. You don’t want an outfit whose cure is worse than the furnace’s disease!